Dégauchisseuse-raboteuse - HolzProfi DG320TS-TRI





This machine is powerful and stable which provides a high precision work.

  • This machine is powerful and stable which provides a high precision work.
  • The diameter of the central block with direct locking of the table is completed by a guide bar.
  • The frame is made of thick welded sheet metal and the cast iron table with vertical opening is easily changed from the planing position to the planing position.
  • The long aluminum tilting perpendicular guide is fixed in such a way that it is not necessary to remove it in planing mode.
  • Delivered with irons mounted and sharpened.
  • European manufacture.
3 575,04 €


  • Tersa tree
  • Displacement kit
  • Helical shaft with pads
Optional mortising drill:
Reference DG-LL
Cast iron table dimensions 470x250
Chuck capacity 0-16
Max slotting height above the table 120
Race length 160
Trans race 160
Weight kg 55
Width of the planing table (mm) 320
Length of the planing table (mm) 1500
Length of the planing table (mm) 700
Max. Swelling width (Mm) 320
Planing height max. (Mm) 225
Reading the height Mechanical
Diameter of the shaft (mm) 100
Rotation speed of the shaft (rpm) 4500
Number of irons 3
Chip taking (mm) 5 and planing and 4 planing
Advance speed of scratch (m / min) 8
Dimensions of the alignment guide (Lxh) (mm) 1100x155
Inclination of the alignment guide (°) 0-45 °
Diameter of feed rollers (mm) 40
Working height (mm) 1050
Suction nozzle diameter (mm) 120
400V / 50Hz motor power 3.0kw / 4cv
Weight (kg) 420
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1520x650x1050
Packing (L x W x H) (mm) 1800x980x1200 / 405 kg