Tour à bois professionnel monophasé - HolzProfi MC0910





This lathe is for the confirmed turner.

  • This lathe is for the confirmed turner.
  • The cast iron bench eliminates all vibrations during work, even on parts with high unbalance.
  • The speeds are electronically variable from 50 to 3890 rpm and the 5 pulleys are there to guarantee the right torque at the right speed.
  • On the headstock, the locking is by heavy eccentric and the shaft pierces through (CM2 bore).
  • The fixed spindle shaft also pierces through (bore CM2).
  • The 4 maintenance-free ball bearing assembly allows you to handle heavy loads as well as high rotation speeds.
  • The steel base with seat on the ground allows a better stability.
  • Threaded shaft in M33 x 3,5.
  • Supplied with original flywheel, screw plate, drive shoe and counter rotating tip.
  • Delivered with original turning device, tool holder support.
4 314,90 €
Bench Grey font
Between spikes 910mm
Height of the point above the bench 260
Max diameter of the piece 520
Maximum diameter of the part in external turning 760
Change of rotation speeds Electronic variable and 5 steps
RPM speed ranges 50-510 / 90-910 / 170 1740 / 290-2900 / 390-3890
Race of the mobile doll 100
Nose Brooch M33
Spindle cone CM2
Hole diameter in the spindle 15
Dimensions of the tool holders 300 and 150
230V / 50Hz motor power 1.1kw / 2CV
Dividers 24 positions
Weight kg 270